Sky Gems is a new app developed for amateur and professional astronomers who are fascinated by double stars and their unique characteristics.

It has been made to be user friendly and to provide useful and filtered information presented in a way appropriate for use in the field next to the telescope or as a pictorial atlas of 1300 double stars inhabiting all 88 constellations.

If you want to explore the night sky treasure of double stars with your telescope or just find out some forgotten hard to split double star lurking in an obscure constellation you should consider this app.

Happy double star observing!

What follows is a number of screenshots that completely describe the functions of the app.
Updated summary based on user selections prior to database fetch
Nice color depiction for the desired spectral range of primary star
Ability to retrieve stars with unknown or peculiar spectra
Ability for setting minimum magnitude for both components
Maximum separation limit for retrieving, for example, only challenging couples
Ability to filter retrieved objects based on a specific designation such as Struve stars and easy Constellation selection based on constellation type
Selection of up to 5 constellations prior to database fetch
Text list of stars retrieved from database
Graphical list of stars retrieved from database
Detailed depiction of selected star
All available data display for selected double star
Preferences allow customization of app

(More features are planned for future updates)

This app has made use of a small part of the Washington Double Star Catalog maintained at the U.S. Naval Observatory.

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If you have any suggestions for improving this app or you have found a bug please send an e-mail to this address:

Thank you for buying SkyGems app!


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